Monday, November 30, 2009

The Ramones on Long Island

Aug 11th, 1979

Went out the Long Island to see the Ramones. I stayed at Geri's house so I could see the Ramones 3 nights in a row. How great is that, 3 nights of Johnny! I did not get to talk to Johnny at all but I think he noticed me from the stage. He did this wild & amazing movements with his guitar. I thought I would die. I got 3 guitar pics. He got all embaressed during Surfin Bird again when it was really quiet except for me screaming for him. He made this quiet motion with his finger. It was so cute. I kind of think of that as sort of our song. Oh Hail True Love.

So before the show, it was really scary because we drove past the house where they have the Amityville Horror movie. It was the real house that it happened in. I was even afraid to look at the house.
New design & great Christmas presents.

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