Sunday, January 31, 2010

Evie & Kitty visit from California

Aug 21st, 1979

I went into NYC to see Evie & Kitty. They are out here for a week visiting from California. Evie is so incredibly sweet. I know that Kitty is dying to meet Billy. So it was kind of funny because they invited Johnny Rao & Buzzy Verno from the Johansen Band up to the hotel room to meet them and when they came upstairs no one had anything to say. It was just so boring. We went to see "Rock n Roll High School" and we saw Arturo there. I found out that the Ramones are not going to Europe until January. I'm so happy they will be here for a few more months. We called up Billy Stark and asked him if he wanted to go to the movies with us but the Blessed were having a photo session. It was fun to talk to Billy. The hotel is ok - somewhere in the east 20's. We ordered in Indian food from across the street and delivered it to the hotel room. I didn't stay over since I want to see the David Johansen band tomorrow night in Asbury Park.


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