Saturday, March 20, 2010

Just another Blessed Day.....

Aug 28th, 1979

I just spoke to Billy on the phone and I heard such depressing news. The Blessed may go out to California and back up for David Johansen and they would be gone for 2 weeks. I am so upset. I want to go out there so bad if they go but there is no way I can unless I fly out to California. I wish they could just take me. They are also trying to open for Iggy at Club 57 in November. Now that would be such a wild show. I would get up so early in the morning to make I got right up front. I did fight with Billy on the phone but I think I was just upset with the Blessed maybe going to California. I do not think that the Blessed realize how much I love them. Oh what am I to do. Well the blessed are playing tomorrow night which of course I will go to and then CBGB's on Sept 19th. Its a wednesday night but I will still try to go in.

I went shopping at Bleeker Bob's and I bought 6 Bowie singles and they all have the most amazing picture sleeves. We went to CBGB's and saw Destroy All Monsters. Danny (Ramones roadie) was there and he was supposed to come back to the hotel room to see Evie & Kitty. Clem Burke was also there. He said Hi, well I guess he waved. I think he was there with this girlfriend but I did not think too much of her. Oh well.


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