Sunday, March 28, 2010

Another Blessed Show

Aug 29th, 1979
I went to see the Blessed at Max's. Oh Hail True Love! First of all, Johnny Ramone was there. What a bonus. He said Hi & stuff. And then I found out when they are playing. He was with his scaggy girlfriend. Billy was really nice tonight. I got kind of embarrassed during the show because Walter Lure looked at me and told me to stand and I wouldn't so he made some remark about how I run the Blessed Fan Club so I should be standing. And then he said if I did not stand, I could not be President. The nerve of him. Billy wore a sailor suit. I am so glad that Evie got to see the Blessed while she is out here. She is now a super big Blessed fan also. I told Billy if the Blessed went to California I would never speak to him again. I think I would just miss seeing them too much. I wanted to ask who their favorite fan was but I didn't. I am supposed to call him next week when the film is developed but probably will not be done for 2 weeks. They are insisting I get something done for the fan club since their single is being pressed. There was a Blessed party tonight but Evie & I did not go. Kitty went.


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Joanne Amos said...

1976 to 1980, nothing but rock concerts in Landover, Maryland. I am going to enjoy your blogs. Thanks!!!