Monday, May 24, 2010

A Trip to Queens

Sept 7th, 1979

Well, we attempted to go to Max's to see the Heartbreakers but we didn't make it. First Regina's car broke down and we were stuck on the turnpike for so long. This really creepy guy stopped to help us and was smoking a joint right on the turnpike while trying to help us. Anyway - we got towed to a gas station and then we got a ride back to Mary Ann's house and took her car into NY instead. So we picked up Howie and drove him home and I do not think he knew how to get to his house by car in Queens. We kept following the subway lines and went through some really scary areas. Anyway - we finally found his apartment and stayed there until about 6am. We met his father which was kind of weird. We had so much fun there.


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