Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Senders at Max's

Sept 14th, 1979

I spoke to Billy on the phone and he was going to Max's so Joody & I went in also. We wound up driving him after all over the city to try to find him an open Burger King but he settled for a 7 - 11. We sat in front of his apartment until about 6:15am just talking before we went home. I got so mad at him because he kept making all of these stupid comments to me about how my goal in life was to marry Howie Pyro. Although I am sure many of us Blessed fans thought that at one time or another. We saw the Senders play at Max's. They were ok. I don't know - guys in bands can be such a pain. I used to always say Hail True Love but I think it should be Hail True Misery. Billy was telling me what jobs I would be good at since I really do need to find one. He said I should be either a telephone operator or a stand up commedian. I do not think I will do either.


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