Wednesday, October 27, 2010

More Ramones etc...

Oct 4th, 1979
Called Billy again.

Oct 6th, 1979
Went into NYC to see "Ladies and Gentlemen , the Rolling Stones.

Oct 8th, 1979
I went to see the Ramones at Queens College. It was a great show. It was Johnny Ramone's birthday. I met some girl Jillian who told me she's been friends with David Bowie since 1971. I wonder if its true. If so, I am so completely jealous.

After the show, we waited outside for the Ramones to come out. I said Happy Birthday to Johnny and I told him I did not get any guitar pics at that show so he gave me one. He is so nice. Gerry & I found out for sure that we are subletting the loft where Joey Ramone and Arturo live while the Ramones go on tour. Can't wait.


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