Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Blessed at CBGB's

Oct 9th, 1979

I went to see The Blessed at CBGB's. I was really upset because Billy did not put me on the guest list. I spoke to his girlfriend for a really long time and it seems that Billy really screwed her over. I also spoke to Billy quite a bit and he seems to be back to his old self and we were getting along. I'm still alittle pissed about the guest list though. I guess I will be seeing him more once I move into the city. Should be so much fun living in Joey Ramone's loft while they are on tour, only if it is just for a few weeks. For the first time I saw a few table back from the stage. It was interesting to see the whole band and be smushed against the stage. Walter was strange. He kept walking by and making strange faces at me. I kind of love Walter but I would never tell a soul. Oh the Blessed are such a bunch of f_-ups.


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