Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Move In

Sorry I have not posted in so long. Just busy with vacation, holidays etc.

Oct 12th, 1979
Moved into NYC today and went to see Cheetah's Band.

Oct 14th, 1979
I have been living in my home for 2 days. I live on East 2nd street. I cannot believe I finally moved into NYC even if just for a short time while the Ramones are on tour. There was some bum in sitting outside our door while I was moving in. But so cool being right around the corner from CBGB's.

We have had to clean up this place alot. I am learning not to have a heart attach everytime I see a cockroach. Gerry took Joey Ramone's bed and I took Arturo's. I think she is in love with Joey anyway. Joey Ramone has to be the biggest F'ing pig that has ever lived. So much crap everywhere but we really cleaned it up nice. They should appreciate it when they are back.

The loft is great. It is huge with really nice big windows that face the street, not that the view is so hot. It feel so good to be able to go out at night and not have to go back to NJ. I called Billy, God only knows why and he has turned into such the #1 bitch. He was supposed to be meet that girl he was seeing at the Mudd Club and never showed up. I really do feel bad for her since she is such a sweet kid. I really thought that Billy and I were good friends but maybe he just got sick of me.

I really thought I would be scared to be living in NYC but I really feel safe in this area. I cannot believe how many bums live around here but it is right off the Bowery. I found so many promotional items in the loft. I would love to steal all of them. I will definetly take some posters since there are so many of them.


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