Monday, September 8, 2008

Interview with Billy Stark (Blessed) Part 5

ME:Do you stay in contact with any of the original members? EH?

BILLY: Why would I do that? –lol- after the Gildersleeves show Howie and I were rather on the outs. Not too long after there was a MAXS night @ the Peppermint lounge with a bunch of bands playing and the promoter wanted us to do a re-union thing but I was just starting to play out w/ The Rico Version of the Blessed and didn’t want confusion with the name. I also wanted to move forward and not be stuck already doing ‘Reunions’ so I said no to that & NIPPED IT IN THE BUD.

Later on I went to see Howie’s band Freaks and checked out Degeneration intermittently from the Continental to CB’s to Irving Plaza. I also hung out @ the Green Door parties and Coney Island High and caught that post D-Gen thing he and Jesse (Malin) did called PCP Highway or Bellvue or whatever they were called that day-lol. It was in a great club-don't know if its still running, but it was the old Bleecker St. Movie theatre! I am also a great admirer of Howie’s Intoxica Show and think the Illuminoid’ Mash -ups are way cool. We are now in communicado on a regular basis.

After Nick left in ’78, Nick and I rarely kept in contact but he did come to one of the Rico/Blessed shows. He sat right in front-lol and we hung out and chatted during our break. He came back and sat through the second set! After that Nick & I hadn’t spoken for ‘DECADES” until quite recently with the Blessed My Space etc. I glad he’s doing really well.

The last time I saw Brad was @ Charlie Sox’s (O’BM) funeral.(but he recently popped up via the internet) The last time I saw Walter was at a tribute show The Waldos did @ the Continental for his brother Richie Lure (RIP) who had just passed away and to show my respects. Richie was a very sweet and nice guy. Walter and I have occasionally spoken via e-mail and I recall he came to one of the Screaming End shows (other band I was in) @ CB'S and Rico was there too! Eileen Polk and I have re-connected over the last few years thanks to the wonderful world o’ the Internet though she comes and goes.

Post-script- Most people now via the internet and w/ The Blessed My space page have popped up but I think the original intent of your question was after we broke up did we continue to have contact w/ each other. PRE-internet the answer would have to be no. Only the few times I went to a Waldos show and said Hi to Walter and Howie after a few years of no contact as stated above.Also Rico Blythe and I have re-connected after years of no contact (again thanks to the internet).


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