Friday, September 19, 2008


Jan 13th, 1979
I went to see the David Johansen Band at Emmit's again. It was really good although the crowd leaves something to be desired. And that place is so awful but it is easy to get up front by the stage. I got 4 more guitar pics from Tommy Trask. For the first time after the show, he came over and talking to me. We talked for awhile and he was really nice. Even David Johansen was alittle friendlier but I still think he is such a snob. I also just found out that Blondie is opening for Rush at the Spectrum on Jan 21st. I want to get in touch with Debby Harry to see if there is someone that I could get free tickets. I will definetly find a way to sneak down to the front once I am there. I can't miss Blondie playing at all.

At Present - My Top 10 Favorite Performers (not in any order)
1. David Bowie
2. Iggy Pop
3. Deborah Harry
4. Tommy Trask
5. Howie Pyro
6. Johnny Thunders
7. Paul Zone
8. Mick Jones
9. Richard Hell
10. Walter Lure


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