Thursday, September 11, 2008

Strange Night at Kim's

Jan 9th, 1979
Went to see The Fast at Hurrah. It was a hell of a weird night. First we saw Kim when we got there so we hung out with her for a little while. Then Billy, Howie, & Brad from the Blessed come in. So we hung out with them and then went into the dressing room for awhile. Paul Zone was there but we wasn't overly nice or anything. Donna Destri was there and she was very nice. I brought in my movie camera and I filmed Howie, Billy, & Paul for awhile. After some of us including Billy & Howie went to Kim's apartment to see photos of the Blessed. We wound up staying until 7:30am. I filmed there also and God only knows what I have on film. Howie asked for his earring back so I gave it to him. It was just a really crazy night. Can you imagine if the Blessed every get really famous? I think that Billy & Howie should be. They are both natural born stars.


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